hampshire bowen technique natural therapy

I qualified as a Bowen Practitioner in October 2005 and am fully registered with The Bowen Association UK. I am also an EMRT (equine muscle release therapy) practitioner The original Bowen Technique on horses.

To be a Bowen Practitioner and remain a registered therapist you must be fully insured, have current first aid and hold qualifications in anatomy & physiology. All Registered Bowen Practitioners must complete professional development training every year. This ensures our skills are kept finely tuned and true to the technique as taught by Tom Bowen.

My Story

I came to Bowen after being a chronic back and shoulder pain suffer which brought on headaches and migraines. I tried chiropractic treatments which produced mild relief for only a few days. So I decided to try Bowen and after a few Bowen Treatments my back pain was much reduced and the shoulder pain disappeared, I also noticed I could suddenly sit tall and straight on my horse where I had previously felt as though I had to fight myself not to tip forwards when riding. This allowed me to enjoy my hobby in comfort and with confidence.

Due to my personal experience, I decided that I should train in this wonderful therapy so that others can also experience the benefits of Bowen and have been treating people ever since at my clinic in Warsash, Hampshire.