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Understanding The Bowen Technique

  • Bowen Therapy is safe to use on anyone, from newborn babies to the elderly.
  • Bowen can address many conditions from sports injuries to chronic and/or organic complaints.
  • There is no vigorous manipulation used with Bowen.
  • The gentle moves stimulate energy flows, empowering the body's own natural resources to heal itself.
  • Bowen improves joint mobility and clears the body of debris, balancing cellular physiology and tissue integrity.
  • Utilizing Bowen Therapy produces an integrated body response, thereby improving circulation, lymphatic and venous drainage, and helping assimilate nutrients and eliminate toxins.
  • Bowen facilitates improvement of a broad range of conditions, and balances the body's energy to create homeostasis at the cellular level.
  • This technique allows the body to repattern energy fields to address physical, mental and emotional issues.
  • Substantial relief is frequently achieved after only one session.
  • The precise location of each Bowen move correlates markedly with the latest research on the meridian energy system, acupoints and trigger point therapy.
  • Certified Practitioners of Bowen stringently adhere to a professional code of ethics.