PLEASE NOTE - Veterinary permission is always requested prior to treatment.

Each treatment starts with a thorough visual assessment of the horse and simple palpation tests to assess muscular, skeletal and nervous state of the horse. Also a thorough case history is taken and recorded for future reference. A treatment will take approximately 45 - 60 minutes.

The initial treatment is ideally given in a block of three sessions, with a week between the first two treatments followed by two to three weeks between the second and third depending on an individual assessment by the practitioner.

The horse should show signs of a definite improvement within three treatments but depending how long or problematic the injury is, the horse may require further treatments. However all horses are individuals and some may need more or less ? your practitioner would advise.

Competitive riders and trainers use EMRT for their horses as a training aid to keep them supple and balanced on a regular basis.