"I use EMRT to keep my eventer supple and happy throughout the year, I find it particularly useful throughout the summer when we are out competing a lot. The treatments keep him loose and moving well and he also seems to really enjoy the sessions becoming deeply relaxed. I like the gentle non invasive approach and recommend it to everyone I know with horses."
Mrs Sythe - Andover

Older TB
"I have a 25 year old thoroughbred who is in work four days a week; he is happy hacking and even has a jump a couple of times a month. I started using EMRT when he looked a bit poor after the winter and can say his muscle tone is really good and his coat looks better than last year. I have tried many different treatments for him and EMRT suits him as there is no forceful manipulation which he appreciates! I will continue to use EMRT throughout the winter for maintenance once a month."
Miss Baker - Southampton

Dressage Horse
"My competition horse has improved greatly since he started having EMRT treatments, not only does he look stronger behind, he now goes forward much more willingly and seems to find his work easier. I can now ask more questions of him when schooling and he usually surprises me by answering! The treatments seem to have made him more aware of his body and how to use it. We are now hoping to move up to Elementary as he is capable, willing and strong enough to do the work."
John Boyt - Cadnam

Box Rested
"My horse sustained a terrible injury to her right forearm which required weeks of box rest, during this time she had regular EMRT treatments. The wound seemed to heal quickly and she was much less grumpy in the days after treatment. Bringing her back into work has also been straight forward and she is progressing well, I am sure the treatments Emily gave her helped on all levels during her re-cooperation. I am planning to have regular EMRT treatments for Grace to see if we can improve on our dressage marks!"
J Fielder - Alton

Rescued Pony
"I took on a rescue pony who was not only underweight but also very anxious and nervous around people. A friend of mine had used The Bowen Technique for herself with great results and suggested my pony might benefit also. You could visibly see Jake relax as soon as the first few moves were completed, as Emily is so quiet when treating him he starts to lose the worried look in his eye, you can also see his breathing slow as he becomes more relaxed. He has now had 4 treatments over two and a half months and is improving all of the time, the treatments appear to allow him to let go of his fears and anxieties and he has a much cheerier outlook on life as well as maintaining condition - I will definitely try the technique for myself now after I have seem the effect it has had on my pony."
Mrs Baker - Winchester