hampshire bowen technique natural therapy

Migraine / Cluster Headaches

As a long standing cluster headache sufferer, I am well aware how debilitating a migraine attack can be and what a detrimental effect it can have on your life. With the help of Emily and the Bowen technique, not only have I now been able to manage the attacks but it has stopped them completely.
This coupled with the knowledge that I now have a means to fall back on should they re – occur leaves me feeling more confident about the future and that there is someone who can actually help.
I would recommend it to anyone who has suffered from migraine.

Mr. B – Locks Heath

Shoulder Dislocation

I dislocated my shoulder in an accident; this caused many other underlying problems within my body. Receiving Bowen treatment enabled me to get back on with my life and resume my training schedule for forth coming competitions.
I think anyone who has had an injury should give it a go.

Mr. Ross - Warsash

Painful Shoulder

My shoulder was so painful; I had been on pain killers for a year with no relief from an inflamed tendon. Then a few sessions of Bowen did the trick, it is now 95% better and I am sure with a few more treatments it will be perfect. At first I was not sure if it was working, then as if like magic, I realised “Hey” my shoulder feels good. I have more mobility without pain. Bowen didn’t cause me any discomfort and I felt very relaxed.
I would definitely recommend it.

G. Davey - Park Gate


I had suffered for years with sciatica which at its worst made me feel nauseous every time I took a step and at best was a dull, nagging ache all down my right leg. It also affected my shoulders and neck because I was in pain and tense all the time. Doctors prescribed me various cocktails of pain killers but said there was nothing really they could do. Physiotherapy and osteopathy helped a little as long as it was done weekly. I heard about Bowen therapy from a friend and decided it wouldn't hurt to try. I was amazed, after my first session all my aches and pains eased so much I no longer needed to take the pain killers and after my third session the pain had gone completely. I try now to have a treatment about once every six weeks, not just to help keep the sciatica at bay but because it actually makes me feel better on the whole.
I would recommend it to anyone.

Mrs B – Hedge End

Ankle Injury

After suffering for months with a sports injury affecting both ankles, I was recommended the Bowen technique. I had researched the technique on the internet and found a local practitioner. The treatment took approximately one hour (with consultation) and I felt almost immediate relief. The true surprise for me was the next day when I was relieved and delighted to discover that pain had gone completely.
I am pleased to report that after one treatment only I have remained pain free and therefore I would not hesitate to use Bowen again for any ailment in the future.
I have recommended this treatment to friends and family.

Mrs Barnes - Southampton